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The Crisis in Content Validity Among Existing Measures of Transphobia

  • Thomas J BillardEmail author
Letter to the Editor

In their excellent review of existing transphobia measures, Morrison et al. (2017) found that no single measure demonstrated scale reliability, factor structure, and each form of validity—content, criterion, and construct—using gold-standard psychometric practices. Rather, even the most thoroughly validated measures faltered on at least one psychometric property, while the vast majority faltered on several. While this is not entirely surprising (gold standards are rarely met, even in the most prestigious journals), it should concern our field that we do not yet have any transgender attitudes scale of sufficient rigor. It is therefore apropos that Morrison et al. ended their study with a call for the development of measurements according to the best practices they outlined.

While the majority of Morrison et al.’s discussion focused on statistical issues with existing measures of transphobia, such as lack of criterion-related validity and internal consistency, they also noted the dearth...


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